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HIPAA Compliance and Security – PsychChart augments the device security to insure that client data is always secure.

PsychChart Privacy Policy – We do not place ads in our Apps nor do we sell your information. Rest assured that we do all we can to protect your privacy.


These guides provide in-depth details on specific topics.

Features Guide – This guide provides an overview of each major feature.  Refer to the guide for the specific feature for an in-depth explanation of a feature and its usage.

Reports Guide – PsychChart has extensive features to allow you to create customized reports for your practice.  This guide describes the core functionality and some of the setup that will simplify report creation.

Importing Data Guide – PsychChart supports a variety of document types, including encrypted PDF documents, allowing you to easily import data.  This guide discusses the supported documents, their uses, and how to import them securely into PsychChart.

Client Scheduling Guide – The client scheduling facility in PsychChart, tracks client appointments, appointments that have passed, and automatic scheduling of appointments using a regular frequency.  However, to unlock its full potential, you need to connect to an external calendar program.

Text Templates Guide – Text templates allow you to default or insert formatted text into the progress note of your session reports. While templates can be created by hand inside PsychChart, it is easier to create them inside your favorite program and then import the result.

Tips and Tricks

Quickly creating client notes is our goal. These documents give you suggestions about streamlining your workflow.

Clients Tricks and Tips – Shows the many client features in PsychChart to speed up note creation.

Tech Notes

These documents explain a particular feature or operation.

Billing Service Setup – This document provides setup instructions and procedures to use PsychChart with a billing service.  How you can easily have just a subset of clients being billed.  How PsychChart restricts the data provided to the billing company and allows secure communication with them over email.

Add Your Signature – PsychChart can store your signature in encrypted form and add it automatically to the reports that require it.  Additionally, this document describes how you can manually sign your PDF documents on your Mac without additional software.

Report Customization – This document describes how to have PsychChart include a logo in your PDF reports while choosing to use letterhead for your printed reports.  By using CSS, you can modify the layout of your printed and/or PDF reports.


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Blog posts

article New app: Bag Minder available for beta testing 27 May

We are pleased to announce that have a new app available for beta testing. Bag Minder will remind you to use your reusable bags. If you are interested in testing it, please use this link. As always, we do not have ads nor do we access or pass to others your location or other information. […]

article PsychChart 1.5.0 has been released 21 May

This release of PsychChart has over 30 enhancements including: Built-in file import using the file browser, enhanced security, backup failsafe protection, better calendar appointment integration, better contact display including access to the client’s contacts, many user interface improvements, removed duplicate diagnosis entries, and reports can now be generated for different paper sizes with improved formatting. […]

article PsychChart 1.3.2 Introduces new features 26 Nov

PsychChart 1.3.2 will be released shortly. We have added support for recording sex identity and birth sex which are both provided with billing support reports. We used guidelines provided by trans groups for inclusive recording of information. In addition, we have provided a free format gender identity which is not included in billing reports. There […]

article Tech For Tomorrow, Inc has a new phone number. 22 Jul

You may now reach us toll-free at +1(877)999-8655. If you need App support, please press 1 and leave us a message including the App name, your contact info, and a short message describing the problem so that we can have the appropriate person address your issue. We appreciate your business.

article Dx10 Finder version 1.2.2 now available in the App Store 22 Jul

In addition to bug fixes, we made significant improvements in the user interface and speed ups throughout the app. If you purchase the App, a free update of the Dx10 Finder will be available after the 2018 CMS data is released in August 2017. Please visit our app page in Apple’s App Store at Dx10 […]

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