26 Nov

PsychChart 1.3.2 Introduces new features


PsychChart 1.3.2 will be released shortly. We have added support for recording sex identity and birth sex which are both provided with billing support reports. We used guidelines provided by trans groups for inclusive recording of information. In addition, we have provided a free format gender identity which is not included in billing reports.

There are also many bug fixes and improvements.

Here are the release notes:
••••• New features:
• New protected client data: sex identity, birth sex, and gender identity fields (following guidelines; also only sex identity and birthSex are reported in the client data insurance report)
• New protected client data: referred by
• New protected client data: employment other and relationship other (with variable input)
• Psychiatrist and primary care provider can now be entered without connecting to the address book.

••••• Changes:
• The data archiver will not run unless there is a recent full backup. This is to prevent possible data loss if it is assumed that the archiver run includes all the data. The backup file only includes the data archived.
• It is now possible to mark a missed appointment as complete when setting the disposition. Also, if the session type (NCNS, etc.) is specified for missed appointments, it will appear in the calendar if completed appointments are not removed.
• If the calendar being used by PsychChart is changed, it will now move the entries from the old calendar to the new one.

••••• Bug fixes:
• Crash when removing client protected data
• Client info button failed to work on iOS11
• Report the data archive name when a session cannot be restored because archive missing
• When looking at an older session from notes overview, mark the session read-only
• The data archiver could crash when archiving clients.
• The preference setting to not remove completed appointments was not working since 1.3. This is fixed and if set, the missing calendar items will be added as far back as the iPad has access.
• Several edge-case calendar issues were resolved. The calendar will now restart properly after changing calendar or after a full restore from backup.
• If the calendar is turned off, calendar processing will be shutdown gracefully.
• On a full restore, permission to use the calendar and/or contacts will now be requested at the end of the restore.
• Changes for iOS 11, including some SDK best practices, have been implemented.
• When creating a billing `client data insurance` report with session list enabled, failed to remember the date for future usage.

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